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Gorilla Conservation Agencies in Africa – List, Names and Roles in Protecting the Gorillas

Gorilla Conservation Agencies in Africa: Are there agencies/organs that are involved in the conservation and protection of gorillas in Africa? Gorillas still stand out as unique attractions in Africa yet the there is a lot more to do to ensure that they are safe and thrive for future generations. Many factors particularly poaching have impacted on the lives of gorillas such as Mountain gorillas that IUCN lists as endangered species.

Gorilla Conservation Agencies in AfricaIn the course of gorilla conservation and protection, Gorilla Conservation Agencies in Africa members have lost their lives for instance primatologist- Dian Fossey who lost her life in Rwanda. Hundreds of park rangers in D.R. Congo have also lost their lives while protecting gorillas. There are only 2 species of gorillas to explore on gorilla safari in Africa; the Eastern and Western gorilla that also sub-divided into 4 sub-species- the Cross River gorilla & Western lowland gorilla sub-species of Western gorilla; then Eastern gorilla consists of Mountain gorilla and Eastern lowland gorilla.

Several gorilla conservation agencies in Africa have come up to ensure that gorillas are safe in their natural habitat. They perform different roles from research to conducting gorilla census and they include the following;

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International (DFGFI)

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International evolved during Dian Fossey era while she was in Africa for her research study in the Virunga region. The DFGFI was established in 1978 and it was founded mainly to carry gorilla research and their threatened ecosystems, train local communities, educating conservationists and a lot more. However, any individual can play part in gorilla conservation through DFGFI by donating and you can visit

Gorilla Doctors/Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project

Gorilla Doctors/Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project plays a pivotal role in mountain gorilla and eastern lowland gorillas lives. The Gorilla Doctors tirelessly work to ensure that these apes are safe through provision of veterinary medicine, science & one health approach. The Vet team provide hands-on medical care services to the injured, ill gorillas across the gorilla safari parks in Rwanda, Uganda and D.R. Congo. To inquire more about their services, visit or email

Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund ((MGCF)

Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund is one of the significant gorilla conservation agencies in Africa whose role is mainly conserving and protecting mountain gorillas plus their habitat. MFCF collaborates with local residents living in the surrounding areas in most of the gorilla safari parks. MGCF has had a remarkable role to play since Dian Fossey requested for additional assistance in 1983.

The International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP)

Established in 1991, the International Gorilla Conservation Programme began as a coalition programme consisting of Conservation International, Fauna & Floral International and World Wide Fund for Nature. Through partnerships, IGCP works together with many park authorities in 3 countries; Uganda- Uganda Wildlife Authority, in Congo with the Institut Congolais Pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN) and in Rwanda- The Rwanda Development Board (RDB). IGCP major goal is to ensure that mountain gorillas are well conserved and their regional afro-montane forest habitats in the 3 countries.

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)

In Uganda, Uganda Wildlife Authority- UWA is an important conservation agency involved not only in protection of gorillas but also other wildlife. It is main role is ensuring sustainable conservation and management of wildlife and the protected areas of Uganda in partnership with adjacent local communities plus other stakeholders for the benefit of Ugandan people and world as whole. UWA was established in 1996 after Uganda National Parks and the Game Department was merged and today, it manages Uganda’s 10 National Parks, 12 Wildlife Reserves, 7 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 5 Community Wildlife Areas.

The Gorilla Organization (TGO)

The Gorilla Organization is another key gorilla conservation agency in Africa and plays a significant part in saving the lives of gorillas in the wild and mainly does finance the small grass-roots projects. Its main area of focus is research, conservation, education and development and particularly in Rwanda, Uganda, D.R.C, Cameroon and Gabon. Reach out to TGO via or

Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH)

Established in 2003, CTPH plays an important part in promoting biodiversity conservation by enabling people, wildlife & livestock to co-exist. This is done by improving the quality of life in and around Africa’s protected areas. It is focused on protection of mountain gorillas and other species of wildlife with many projects currently run in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda’s leading gorilla trekking destination, Virunga National Park a home to section of 1063 mountain gorillas, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve outstanding wildlife safari destinations.

Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

Rwanda Development Board in Rwanda brings all together Rwanda government agencies under one roof. It covers environmental clearances, registration, investment promotion, privatization and specialist agencies. RDB runs the country’s 4 parks- Gishwati-Mukura National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park & Akagera National Park. It also ensures that the park fees collected in the parks is shared with local communities.

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