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Eastern Lowland Gorillas – Facts, Lifestyle, Diet, Eastern Lowland Gorilla Trekking Guide, Where to find, How to track and much more Tips

Eastern Lowland GorillasThe Eastern Lowland gorillas/Gorilla beringei graueri live only in the tropical forests of D.R. Congo in the Eastern part. They are among the biggest sub-species of the great apes and interestingly, the largest of all the 4 sub-species of gorillas. Also famously called Grauer’s gorillas, the Eastern Lowland gorillas are endangered species with not more than 5000 of them still left on earth today.

Grauer’s gorillas are a few most intelligent primate species on earth and listed second most endangered gorilla sub-species. Grauer’s gorillas like other gorilla sub-species live in families each headed by a massive adult silverback gorilla/male gorilla. In each family of Grauer’s gorillas, there can be about 3-30 members comprising of females, males, infants, black backs and more.

Scientific Name

Eastern Lowland gorilla/Grauer’s gorilla takes its name from Rudolph Grauer the Australian scientist who discovered these apes earlier in the 1900s. It is from Grauer where Gorilla Beringei Graueri name originated from where Beringei denotes to Kivu highlands. The Eastern Lowland gorillas belong to phylum Chordata and they are part of the large mammals.

Physical appearance

Eastern Lowland gorillas/Grauer’s gorillas are massive, considerably the biggest primates in the world. Males weigh in average about 210kgs and females 100kgs. While standing, they can rise 5 to 6ft and have thick coat of dark fur except in their faces or hands. They have strong jaws and teeth, and they mainly knuckle walk.

Grauer’s behaviors

Like Chimpanzees and Mountain gorillas, Eastern Lowland gorillas spend most of their day eating. Silverbacks take top responsibility in the families including mating with females and also be alert to threats. They are the main decision makers including where the rest of the family members go to feed, sleep and protection from attacks.

Unlike other primates, Grauer’s gorillas are a bit quiet and capable of vocalizing in different ways. They are known to have about 25 different vocalizations and they express it by barking, hooting, screaming, laughing, growls etc and each of them has its unique meaning. They are considered one of the most intelligent creatures due to their ability to be taught sign language and use of tools to extract food.

Habitat for Eastern Lowland gorillas

The Grauer’s gorillas are found in the Eastern part of D.R. Congo. They inhabit the African tropical lowlands & rainforest of Kahuzi-Biega National Park and Maiko National Park and some other wildlife reserves.

Diet (What to Eastern Lowland Gorillas Eat)

Eastern Lowland enjoy mostly vegetation. They feed on leaves, berries, fruits, barks, shoots and more. They spend most of their day morning and afternoon feeding but rest, groom each other during midday. They also feed on termites, ants and at times rodents. They have powerful jaws and an adult Eastern Lowland gorilla can eat up to 18kgs of food a day.

Reproduction, lifespan

Male Grauer’s gorillas reach their sexual maturity at 15-20 years and they can move alone or with other males till they establish their own families. Mature male/silverback grauer’s gorilla is the only one allowed to routinely mate with females in the family/group. The silverback gorillas often make strong bonds with females to ensure that they won’t leave.

However, fights for power in groups are common like in most other primate species in the wild. Female Eastern Lowland gorillas often give birth to single babies in after every 4 years and a baby Lowland gorilla can weigh 1-2kgs. Generally, Eastern Lowland gorillas live from 30-40 years in the wild and in captivity, 60 years.

Threats & predators

Humans are believed to be the biggest threat to Grauer’s gorillas. Poaching, human infectious diseases and habitat loss are among the main Eastern Lowland gorilla threats. An adult grauer’s gorillas can only be threatened by large animals like crocodiles and leopards.

Eastern Lowland Gorilla Trekking

Estern Lowland gorillas are found in Democratic Republic of Congo in Kahuzi- Biega National Park. Its always thrilling to spend sometime with these rare primates in their natural habitats. We do arrange Eastern Lowland gorilla trekking safaris at an affordable price. All you need to do is contact us and our team of safari specialists will get back to you with the best adventure to track the gorillas.

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