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Gorilla Groups and Families in Uganda – Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorillas

Over 44 habituated gorilla groups exist in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. As of 2022, there are more than 21 habituated gorilla families in Uganda- 20 of these are in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and 1 in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. We have compiled a list of gorilla groups and families in Uganda ready for you to explore on your tour.

There are 5 regions in Uganda where gorilla trekking is conducted. They include 4 locations in Bwindi National Park- Ruhija, Nkuringo, Rushaga and Buhoma. The 5th region is located in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Gorilla Groups and Families in UgandaGorilla families in Buhoma sector

Buhoma sector, the Northern gorilla trekking region in Bwindi has 4 habituated gorilla groups. These translate into 32 gorilla permits.

Mubare gorilla family

If you have always wanted to visit the oldest or first gorilla family to open for gorilla trekking, then Mubare gorilla group should a must to track on gorilla safari in Bwindi. This gorilla family was opened for gorilla trekking in 1993 after undergoing through habituation exercise for 2 years.

Habinyanja gorilla group

Habinyanja gorilla family/H-Group takes about 5 hours for tourists to track it. This gorilla group had a composition of about 30 members during its habituation process and it was ready for gorilla trekking in 1999. It takes its name from the local word ‘Nyanja’ meaning body of water referring to the swamp in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Habinyanja is known for its powerful male mountain gorillas that constantly fought for dominance. As a result, the group split creating Rushegura leaving Habinyanja with currently 18 members.

Rushegura gorilla family

Rushegura gorilla family is a 20 member gorilla group but initially, it consisted of 12 individuals. This group came together in 2002 after split from Habinyanja. It is led by Mwirima silverback that leads several black backs, juveniles, adult females, infants etc.


Katwe is a newly created gorilla family in Buhoma, the Northern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This is composed of 7 members led by one silverback. It was officially opened for actual gorilla trekking in August 2018.

Ruhija sector gorilla families

Bitukura gorilla family

Bitukura gorilla group takes its name from the river in Bwindi where it was initially sighted from. Habituation process began in 2007 till 2008 when it was ready for tracking. Unlike the usual 2 years that gorilla families undertake during habituation, Bitukura only took 15 months and it was ready for visitors to track. Bitukura originally had 24 individuals though they reduced to 13 gorillas and it is led by Ndahura silverback.

Oruzongo gorilla family

Oruzongo group has family size of 17 mountain gorillas and they include females, juveniles, black backs, infants and others. In 2011 when it was still undergoing habituation, there were 22 gorillas. The group is led by Tibirikwata silverback.

Kyaguriro family

Kyaguriro has size of about 10 gorillas including juveniles, infants, adult females, black backs. It is headed by Rukara silverback gorilla. Habituation of Kyaguriro started in 1995 and mainly it was set for research purposes.

Mukiza group

Also known as Kyaguriro B, Mukiza gorilla family has group size of 10 individuals including infants and females. It split from Kyaguriro leading creation of Kyaguriro A and Kyaguriro B in 2016. This group is known to spend most of its time inside the forest on a rare occasion does it get to peripherals of the forest.

Rushaga sector gorilla families

Mishaya gorilla family

Mishaya split from Nshongi group in 2010 leaving with 10 members under the leadership of Mishaya silverback. Mishaya died in 2014 and this gorilla group has a family size of about 12 mountain gorillas.

Nshongi gorilla family

Nshongi family officially become open for tracking in 2009 and it had a group size of 36 gorillas. As a result of endless of breakaways, the number reduced to 26 individuals and in 2013, it further reduced to 18 members.

Busingye family

Busingye consists of 9 members and these include juveniles, infants and one silverback gorilla. This is one of the amazing gorilla families worth tracking while on gorilla safari in Bwindi and particularly in Rushaga sector. This group split from Kahungye in 2012 under the leadership of Busingye.


Kutu has family size of 8 mountain gorillas including silverback. It is a newly created gorilla family and it is still undergoing habituation. For nature lovers on Uganda safaris and they are interested in habituation experience, Kutu should be a must-visit.


Comprised of 12 members, Bweza is one of the best groups to track in Rushaga gorilla sector in Bwindi. It broke away in 2013 from Mishaya group.


Kahungye was sighted in the hill where it takes its name from. In 2011, it was ready for gorilla trekking. Kahungye has a family size of 27 members.


Mucunguzi is another newly created gorilla family in Rushaga and Bwindi at large. It takes name from the word Mucunguzi translated as savior. It broke away from Bweza and currently has 8 gorillas.


Bikingi group has a family size of 15 gorillas including females, one silverback, juveniles, infants, sub-adults and others. It was in 2012 when habituation started in Bikingi.


Rwigi is another interesting group to explore in Bwindi National Park particular at Rushaga sector. It is a newly created gorilla group with 10 gorillas led by Rwigi silverback.

Nkuringo sector

Nkuringo group

Nkuringo is a remarkable gorilla family available for gorilla trekking in Nkuringo region of Bwindi. It is composed of family size of 12 members, led by Rwamutwe.


Bushaho is a habituated group Nkuringo sector- the southern sector of Bwindi and it is newly open for gorilla trekking. It is comprised of 8 individuals with adult females, juveniles, infants and led by Bahati silverback.


Christmas is a newly founded families in Nkuringo and consists of 6 members. It opened for gorilla tourism together with Katwe gorilla family in Buhoma sector.

Ntebeko sector

Nyakagezi gorilla family- This is Mgahinga’s only habituated family group to track. It has a family size of 9 gorillas and since 2012, it has been stable within Mgahinga unlike before when it could move to Congo.

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