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Gorilla Permits Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo – Cost, Booking Guide and Price

A gorilla permit is a legal document that grants tourists opportunity to visit habituated gorilla family groups in Uganda, Rwanda and D.R.  Congo or any other gorilla safari destinations. Acquiring Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo gorilla permit to see mountain gorillas or lowland gorillas is one of the essential steps in planning for any successful gorilla safari. You need to know the facts about Gorilla Permits Uganda Rwanda and Congo before booking your next trip.

Gorilla Permits Uganda, Rwanda and DR CongoAs soon as you think of visiting Uganda, Rwanda or DR Congo for gorilla trekking, the first item to click at your mind should be obtaining a valid gorilla permit. It is a must-have document and you can only confirm your travel dates after you have secured one.

Not to have issues at last minute, we encourage and advise all our clients to ensure their gorilla permits are secured 2-6 months earlier than the actual date of visiting Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo for gorilla trekking. Booking Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo gorilla permit is now easier, simply reach out to our reservation team and we shall do everything on your behalf.

Uganda gorilla permits 2022

Uganda gorilla trekking permits cost foreign non-residents USD700 per person per day per gorilla family, USD600 for foreign residents and shs. 250,000 for citizens in East Africa. To obtain a valid Uganda gorilla permit 2022, there are 2 options.

The easiest way to book a Uganda gorilla permit is dealing with a reputable tour operator on ground and the other option is contacting the reservation team at Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). The process involved to have your permit booked is tedious that is why dealing with tour company/operator relieves you from the stress.

Maximum of 8 people trek a single gorilla family in Uganda and there are 21 habituated gorilla groups. This translates into over 168 valid gorilla permits that are always available for reservation by tourists with plans to travel to Uganda for gorilla trekking.

Interestingly also, Uganda has all 2 areas for tourists to meet their dreams- you can visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park for mountain gorilla trekking. Location: Mgahinga and Bwindi are geographically positioned in the Southwestern part of Uganda and by road, it takes visitors approximately 8-10 hours to drive from Kampala.

For ground travel, you don’t have to worry how you can connect up to Bwindi or Mgahinga. We have ultimately comfortable full-time 4×4 rental cars at affordable rates and professional driver guides to take through your adventure. Alternatively, we can arrange fly in gorilla safari to Bwindi or Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks.

Rwanda gorilla permits 2022

In Rwanda- The Land of a Thousand Hills, gorilla permits are available for reservation at USD1500 per person per day. In Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park Ruhengeri is the only area of interest for every trekker with plans to go Rwanda gorilla safaris.

About 12 habituated families of mountain gorillas exist here and they translate into 96 gorilla permits. Volcanoes National Park gorilla permits can be obtained via our reservation team or directly via Rwanda Development Board reservation team.

2022 Congo gorilla permits

Visiting DR Congo is a great opportunity to encounter both mountain gorilla and eastern lowland gorillas. Like Uganda and Rwanda, a valid permit is required in order for you to explore mountain gorillas in Congo Virunga National Park or lowland gorillas in Kahuzi-Biega National Park.

Each of Congo gorilla permits costs USD450 per person per day. We have made it simple for tourists to book their permits, simply reach out to our team and you won’t go through the long process or you can contact the park authorities directly.

Who is eligible to book Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo gorilla permits?

Not anyone is allowed to book a gorilla permit in either gorilla safari destination. Only visitors above 15 years can book a gorilla permit in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. It is advisable to inquire from your tour operator/company for details prior traveling and you get disappointed while at the destination because you aren’t within age limit.

How early should I book Uganda, Rwanda or DR Congo gorilla permit?

DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda permits can be booked at any time of the year. But, it is better to have your gorilla permit booked early enough 2-6 months before the actual date of visiting the park for gorilla trekking. High demand for gorilla permit is usually experienced during the dry or peak months from June, July, August, September or December, January to February.

What is required of you when booking gorilla permits?

Once the tour operator/company confirms availability of gorilla permits for the intended dates you would like to visit gorillas, you will be required to send scanned passport photocopy. Also, provide detailed names, address and deposit will be required for you to pay to help in securing your gorilla permit.

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