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Uganda Safaris: Gorilla Trekking Tours & Wildlife Safari Adventure

Also known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is the leading travel destination in Africa full of amazing nature wonders and hard-to find tourism activities. Uganda safaris are on an increase and this is because of the beauty this East African country has to offer. Located near the equator, Uganda has a suitable environment to support the ecosystem and the amazing rain forests which act as home to various wild animals. Since 1962 when Uganda attained its independence, there has been change of governments but from 1986, the country has seen a stable political environment and the security is perfect for travelers to visit any destination of their choice on a Uganda safaris adventure.

Uganda SafarisApart from gorilla trekking, Uganda has a lot to offer like, chimpanzee tracking, wildlife viewing, cultural tours, nature walks, bird watching, boat rides, bungee jumping, city tours, mountain climbing and much more. Its always thrilling to book a Uganda wildlife safari to view some of the wild animals including the big five (lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants and hippopotamus). Do you want to book a Uganda tour? Silverback Gorilla Safaris ltd will help you come up with the most exciting trip. You can book either a luxury Uganda safari, mid-range or budget Uganda tour with us. We also help you book accommodation on your trip and ensure you get the best of your money.

Things to do on a Uganda Safari Include;

Uganda Gorilla Trekking

Mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda is the leading travel activity with many primate lovers visiting to see the gorillas in their natural habitats. As of 2018, Uganda is said to have the largest number of mountain gorillas in the world and these are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. It should be noted that before one is allowed to trek gorillas in Uganda, he/she is required to obtain a gorilla permit and this costs $700 per person. You may like this trip; 3 Days Uganda gorilla safari,

Uganda Wildlife Safaris

Uganda is a home to various wild animals and these are in the different national parks making is a perfect destination for wildlife safaris in Uganda. A game drive in any of the parks for example Queen Elizabeth National park guarantees a visitor chance to see elephants, leopards, giraffes, Ishasha tree-climbing lions and many more. Some of the places to go on a Uganda wildlife safari include; Murchison falls national park, Kidepo Valley national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, lake Mburo national park and more

Chimpanzee Tracking

Visiting Uganda for chimpanzee tracking is another exciting activity one can expect on a Uganda safari. Its a great experience to spend time with primates in their natural homes on a tour to Uganda. Chimpanzees can be tracked in Kibale Forest national park and Budongo Forest.

Other activities to enjoy on Uganda safari include; cultural tours, birding, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, city tours, nature walks, mountain climbing, boat cruise, sport fishing, Quad biking and many more.

Places to Visit on a Uganda Safari

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Located in the southwestern part of Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable national park is the best place to visit for gorilla trekking. This park is one of the leading travel destinations in Africa and this because it has the largest number of the rare mountain gorillas. Silverback Gorilla Safaris ltd arrange gorilla safaris to Bwindi forest and also ensure the our clients get the best experience with the primates. Other activities one can enjoy on a visit to Bwindi forest include Batwa cultural village tour, birding and nature walks. While a gorilla trekking experience in Bwindi Forest one can also enjoy watching some other primates like the Columbus monkeys. You may like this package; 2 days Bwindi forest gorilla trekking tour.

Mgahinga National Park

Mgahinga national Parks is another destination for mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda. Located in the southwestern part of Uganda, Mgahinga national park offers a unique Uganda safari experience with extra activities like golden monkey watching, climbing 3 of the 5 volcanoes (mount Gahinga, mount Sabinyo and mount Muhavura). We have exciting gorilla tour trips to Mgahinga like 3 days Mgahinga gorilla safari.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Named after the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most visited park in Uganda. Its known for have the best Uganda wildlife atmosphere full of amazing natural wonders. A game drive in this park enables you enjoy watching different wild animals like the lions, elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, hippos and more. This park is a home to over 600 bird species making it a great birding destination. Also the tree climbing lions at Ishasha is a highlight of a visit to Queen Elizabeth national Park. Check our our 3 Days Queen Elizabeth + Ishasha climbing lions tour

Murchison Falls National Park

Located in the Northwestern part of Uganda, Murchison Falls national park covers an area of 3,800 sq km making it the biggest conservation area in Uganda. It known for its unique wildlife offers and great fro wildlife viewing like the lions, elephants, leopards, giraffes, buffaloes and more. Its also a birding destination with over 500 bird species. A hike to the top of falls is a highlight of a Uganda safari to Murchison falls national park. You may like our 3 days Murchison falls tour

Other places to visit on a Uganda safari include, Kidepo Valley National park, Lake Mburo national Park, Semuliki national park, Kibale Forest national Park, Mt Elgon National Park, Zziwa Rhino sanctuary, source of the River Nile, Rwenzori mountains, Uganda Wildlife Education Center, Ssese Island, Sipi Falls, Lake Bunyonyi and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Uganda Safaris

What is the best time to book a Uganda safari?

The best time to book a Uganda safari is during the months of June to September and December to February. This is because these months are usually dry seasons making it more conducive to run a Uganda safari. The roads to the various national parks in Uganda are always in better shape in dry seasons unlike in wet seasons when the rain makes them muddy and slippery.

How much does a Uganda safari cost?

Uganda safari cost depends on may factors and these include; the number of people on safari, the lodge types to be booked, the number of days of the trip and the tour activities to be done. These factors determine whether the safari is expensive or cheap.

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