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Places to Visit in Democratic Republic of Congo – Attractions, Location, Fees and Tour Guide

The second largest country in Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo occupies an area of about 2,344,858 square kilometers and much of it is covered by Tropical rainforests, with sweeping stretches of forests teeming with species of exotic flora and fauna. This country is sometimes perceived to be landlocked, given its meager 37 kilometers of coastline covered by white sand beaches while its interior is where the magic takes place. This country is known as Africa’s Tropical Paradise with some of the rarest wildlife species, unmatched jungle expeditions and savannah plains where African game can be seen.

It is unlikely to completely exhaust the beauty of Democratic Republic of Congo and therefore we bring you the list of top places to visit in this immense Central African country.

Virunga National Park

Places to Visit in CongoVirunga National Park is one of the most beautiful landmarks in the African Continent and certainly one of the most interesting places to visit in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is the country’s base for mountain gorilla treks with currently about 8 gorilla groups that have been habituated for tourist visits. Besides its mountain gorillas, Africa’s oldest National Park teems with forest elephants, Bongo, chimpanzees, buffaloes, Okapi, warthogs, Hippos, lions and bushbucks that offer unmatched outdoor activities with guided nature walks, chimpanzee trekking and bird watching very popular.

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Kahuzi-Biega National Park

About 40 kilometers west of Bukavu Town, Kahuzi-Biega National Park is where the Eastern lowland gorillas (largest Great Apes on Earth) can be found. Named after Kahuzi and Biega Volcanoes, this beautiful Park was established in 1970 to protect these endangered creatures and later became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Besides the Eastern lowland gorillas, travellers can find other outstanding wildlife species especially genets, forest elephants, serval cats and Chimpanzees among others.

Kinshasa City

Kinshasa is not only the Capital City of the Democratic Republic of Congo, but is also the largest of the country. This beautiful City was founded by Sir Henry Morton Stanley in the late 19th Century, mainly to serve as a trading post although has slowly developed into an “African New York City”. For travellers than fancy urban tourism, there are opportunities of relishing a boat ride on the spectacular River Congo or better still a BBQ along its banks.

Garamba National Park

If you don’t fancy the jungle and instead prefer the savannah, then Garamba National Park is the perfect place to visit in the Democratic Republic of Congo. While touring this UNESCO World Heritage Site, travellers are guaranteed of encountering Black and white Rhinos, Giraffes, Hippos, African bush elephants, Cape buffaloes, sitatunga and Defassa waterbucks among others.

Lola ya Bonobo

For visitors that wish to see the Bonobos (pygmy chimpanzees) without having to travel into the jungles can visit Lola ya Bonobo within the Kinshasa area. Before establishing this Sanctuary was founded in 1994 (by Claudine Andre), these extraordinary creatures were hunted for pet trade or bush meat hence threatening their populations. The site is so far the World’s only Sanctuary for orphaned Bonobos and extends for only 30 hectares of dense rainforest.

Mount Nyiragongo

Hiking Mount Nyiragongo Volcano in CongoThe beautiful skyline of Goma Town in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is marked by the spectacular Mount Nyiragongo. Although it is found in Virunga National Park, it can be treated as an independent place to visit in the Democratic Republic of Congo for its striking beauty marked by black solidated Lava as well as hot blazing crater on its summit. It is believed to have erupted over 34 times in the last century, the most recent being in May 2021.

The stunning Lake Kivu

You can’t talk about beautiful places to visit in the Democratic Republic of Congo without mentioning Lake Kivu. This spectacular Lake straddles the border between this immense Central African country as well as Rwanda. Boasting of a size of 2700 square kilometers, this Lake is the largest 6th largest in the country, boasting of several beautiful Islands but the most popular being Idjwi.

Other phenomenal places to visit in the Democratic Republic of Congo are Salonga National Park (the largest Tropical Rainforest in the country and Africa in general), Mangroves National Park, Kisangani Town, Okapi Wildlife Reserve, Upemba National Park, Maiko National Park, Zongo and Boyoma waterfalls, Kundelungu National Park, Lomani National Park and Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage Center among others.

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