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Missionary Safaris and Tours in Africa: Silverback Gorilla Safaris Adventure

Africa offers some of the best Missionary Safaris and Tours, with most travelers seeking basic understanding of challenges affecting a common African youth, preaching the gospel, empowering youth through youth mission for both African and foreign youth in a way of creating a better generation, visits to children Homes to offer support and gifts (writing and reading materials, clothes, food and shoes) in addition to interacting with the children. If you ever get the urge to explore the World to get enough experiences that can fill many lifetimes, just undertake Missionary safaris and Tours in Africa.

Missionary Safaris and Tours in AfricaBesides the benefits of exploring incredible safari destinations and experiencing unique cultures, missionary safaris and Tours in Africa provide a positive difference for the people in need. With this article, we explore the reasons why Africa is your ultimate destination for missionary tours, the different types of Missionary tours to the African Continent, the top destinations/countries and Organizations for Missionary Safaris and Tours in Africa, average cost for a simple Missionary Tours to Africa and important tips for unforgettable Trip.

Why Africa should be your ultimate destination for Missionary Safaris and Tours

When you talk of best destination for Missionary Tours in the World, African destinations will top the list and the reasons are simple;

  • Africa is a spectacularly diverse with variety of people, cultures, languages, foods, religions and art among others.
  • Many travellers who have undertaken Missionary Safaris and Tours in Africa have documented their extraordinary spiritual experience, coherence of their rural environments in addition to the numerous adventures where these Tours have been undertaken. Expect boundless possibilities.
  • Travellers for Missionary Safaris and Tours in Africa have also given accounts of hoe their collaborations with locals have created lifelong friendships in addition to providing information on how different challenges of the people were solved. Also expect appreciation of your modern life after tasting the simplicity and satisfaction of life after returning from the Missionary Safaris and Tours in Africa.

Best Countries/destinations for Missionary Safaris and Tours in Africa

Missionary Safaris and ToursIf the idea of simplicity is what you expect from your Missionary Safari and Tours in Africa, then you might be wondering where to go. The Continent is the second largest in the World with over 54 countries to visit for these kinds of tours. For richness in cultural diversity, languages, art and unique challenges (limited access to education and poverty) make our selection of best countries for these Safaris and Tours. These places include;


Uganda is a small land-locked country found in the East African region. This country has the most friendly people and beautiful attractions ranging from Lakes, hills and mountains, woodlands, savannah, waterfalls and Islands. Uganda is also popular for its booming agricultural industry with common cash crops being Coffee, tea, tobacco and cotton.

There are a million and one reasons to visit Uganda but what makes it ideal for Missionary safaris and Tours in Africa is its exoticism of wildlife, hospitable, friendly and vibrant people who welcome visitors from near and far with warm hands. However, most of Ugandan citizens still go through ravaging effects of poverty, limited access to water, poor sanitation, limited access to education and many others, with an average Ugandan sadly making only $1.80 per day. Therefore Missionary Safaris and Tours in this country are focused on providing lifesaving medical care, helping in orphanages and women empowerment.

South Africa

South Africa is another wonderful destination for Missionary Safaris and Tours in Africa but most interestingly popular for the stunning Cape Town, the magical Table Mountain as well as vibrant Johannesburg metropolis. Just like there is plenty to see in this country, there are also numerous trips for missionary works.

High employment rates (even with the profusion of natural resources) as well as the broken infrastructures that limit growth are some of the things that make this country a wonderful destination for Missionary Safaris and Tours in Africa.


If you ever desired to preach the gospel, do charity or volunteering services while exploring stunning landscapes, extraordinary wildlife species and thrilling cultural experiences, then Kenya is your best destination for missionary safaris and tours in Africa. Even with its varying landscapes and rich natural resources, this country still faces adverse challenges of diseases especially malaria and HIV/AIDS, limited supply for supplies among children living in rural areas. Most Missionary safaris in this country therefore focus on church workshops involving the youth, visits to children homes where you will get a chance to gift them with writing materials, clothes, infant formula and reading materials in addition to interacting with them and also take part in construction projects for orphanages.


Tanzania is popular for being a home to Kilimanjaro, the highest Mountain in Africa as well as the World’s highest free-standing mountain. This country is also known for its vast protected areas teeming with wildlife and historical sites but also face a large wealth disparity. With the ongoing HIV/AIDS prevalence affecting the country, limited access to education and other basic needs, missionary trips in Tanzania are worthwhile.


Ghana is another beautiful African country offering a magnificent Tropical climate as well as warm and hospitable people. Regardless of the natural resources, many people still live below the poverty line and several families have limited access to decent housing, clean water and nutritional food. For your Missionary safaris and tours in this country, you will offer hand in constructing local orphanages where abandoned and orphaned children are accommodated and many others.

Categories of Missionary safaris to Africa

With professional experience, empathy and passion, you can join a number of missionary projects that include construction, Teaching, offering child care, medical and conservation.

Popular Organizations to join for your Missionary Safaris and Tours in Africa

After deciding on what project you are going to undertake during your missionary safari in Africa, it is recommended to join a reputable organization that organizes these trips and some of them include Love Volunteers (founded in 2009 and focus on low cost missionary tours), Volunteer HQ, African Impact (established in 2004 within Zimbabwe), GoEco established in 2006 and focuses on ethical and eco-friendly volunteer projects, Connect-123 (focusing on human rights, economic development, wildlife conservation and social work) and many others.

Cost of Missionary safaris and Tours in Africa

The question of cost is always a big concern for travelers planning missionary safaris and Trips in Africa. It is a widely known fact that these tours are not cheap. For as low as $200 to as much as $3500, you can undertake these tours, but cost also depends on the duration of stay. These costs however only cover the program but also be prepared for other additional expenses such as transport, equipment, accommodation, personal expenses like drinks, foods and safaris, administration and others.

Important tips for undertaking a successful and unforgettable Missionary Safari and Tours in Africa

Enough preparation is important for any safari in Africa and the Missionary trip is not exceptional with more attention on researching about the destinations, activities you plan on undertaking, culture and many other aspects. These important tips will help you plan and undertake a wonderful trip to African for missionary purposes;

Undertake comprehensive research on the Organization

Before you join a particular organization, firs conduct research on it, read online reviews from past volunteers, learn about their activities and many others.

Research about the country/destination

Google search will provide all you need to know about the destinations for Missionary Safaris and Tours in Africa, laws, expectations and every other information that would be helpful for the missionary trip.


The Organization you choose to embark with on your missionary safari and tour in Africa will let you know on the different vaccinations needed. With the current prevalence of Covid-19, a vaccination Card for this virus is required and also, most African countries require Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificates.

Find out whether you require Medical insurance for the Missionary Safari and Tour

Everyone’s prayer is for nothing to go wrong during the trip but is it happens, a medical insurance should be able to cover such expenses. Unforeseen circumstances such as travel mishaps, accidents, sickness and other medical emergencies related to Travel are sometimes inevitable.

Park right and light

Majority of the Organizations you choose will inform you of the right things to pack. Make sure to have breathable clothes-light t-shirts, loose safari pants and pair/s of shorts, warm sweater, sun protection, , sarong, binoculars, water bottle, pillow and bed sheets, adventure/leisure wear (hiking boots, swimsuit and many others), rain jacket, camera, smartphones with long-lasting batteries, sunglasses, travel adapter and charges, essential toiletries and medications, insect repellent, shower sandals, hat and anything decent to avoid being taken for a joke. Make sure to pack according to the season/time of the year.

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