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How to Adopt a Gorilla – Sponsor and Donate to a mountain Gorilla in Uganda, Rwanda and DR. Congo

How do I adopt a gorilla? There are many ways that you can be part of gorilla conservation in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (D.R.C). Gorillas are without doubt a few unique primate species on earth and more efforts are needed to ensure that they exist for future generations. One of the ways that you can involve in gorilla conservation and protection is adopting a gorilla.

How to Adopt a GorillaThere are 2 major gorilla species-the Eastern and Western gorilla. These are further split into 4 sub-species with the most sought for being mountain gorillas, eastern lowland gorillas-the sub-species of the Eastern gorilla; the Western gorilla is split into 2 sub-species-that is the Cross-River gorilla and Western Lowland gorilla.

Mountain gorillas are unique from the rest of sub-species of gorillas and remarkably, they only live in Uganda, Rwanda and D.R. Congo. The 3 countries are the only best places to visit for mountain gorilla trekking. However, D.R. Congo also offers lifetime Eastern Lowland gorilla trekking experiences in its lush Kahuzi-Biega National Park.

Population of gorillas

There are fewer than 250000 Western Lowland gorillas left on earth today and they range in the Central and West African forests. The Cross-river gorillas live in Cameroon and Nigeria and they are undoubtedly the most threatened sub-species of gorillas. Fewer than 300 Cross-river gorillas still survive in the wild today. Mountain gorillas are not more than 1063 today while Eastern lowland gorillas are fewer than 7000.

Adopting a gorilla as a tool for gorilla conservation

adopt gorillasWith mountain gorillas, cross river gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas listed as endangered species, there is need to ensure that they are well protected in the wild. They are highly threatened due to habitat loss, poaching, infectious human diseases and other factors. A number of organizations have come up to help protect gorillas and they include among others Gorilla Doctors, The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, International Gorilla Conservation Programme and Conservation through Public Health. All these organizations work together with local government authorities to ensure that the lives these endangered primate species are safe, secure and well-protected. They perform a number of activities including community sensitization, organizing gorilla censuses and research activities, providing veterinary services etc.

How do I adopt a gorilla

Here are some steps to follow if you are to adopt a gorilla;

  • Choose the amount you would like to pay by direct debit every month. How much you choose to donate all depends on your wallet size and you can donate from 3 Pounds, 5 or 10 Pounds. Alternatively, you can make a one-off payment and there is an option of donating any amount starting from 36 Pounds.
  • Fill in the adoption details-your name on the certificate and the start date.
  • Enter your billing and delivery details
  • Enter the payment details either by card or PayPal.
  • Adoption pack often includes personalized certificate, fact sheet, animal story, glossy photo to display etc. Your donation plays an important part especially in meeting the costs of hiring staff, buying food for the case of orphaned gorillas in rehabilitation centers.
  • You can adopt a gorilla a gift-this is where adoption certificate can be personalized with the name of your choice.

Impact of adopting a gorilla

  • Campaign against the illegal trade in wildlife
  • Monitor and survey the health of gorilla families in the respective destinations.
  • Secure the survival of gorillas through greater protection.
  • Facilitate the local outreach and education programmes to promote gorilla conservation.

What does a gorilla adoption include?

Adopt a gorilla to help protect these rare apes thrive for future. An exclusive adoption pack can be provided to you and it will contain all items such as soft toy, adoption pack (this includes animal story, personalized certificate, fact sheet and glossy photo to display), a copy of bi-annual adopt magazine with exclusive updates.

Why adopt a gorilla?

Why adopt a gorillaAdopting a gorilla is one way to help protect gorillas. Gorilla trekking plays a significant part in gorilla conservation but it isn’t enough. The cost of gorilla conservation is high and there are several things to be met including facilitating staff etc. When you adopt a gorilla, you have a chance to partner with organizations that are involved in conservation or protection of these endangered primate species.

Gorilla conservation can only be effective when individuals collaborate with the organizations to achieve the goal of eliminating poaching, illegal wildlife trafficking, habitat loss etc. Donating to various organizations such as Gorilla Doctors, Dian Fossey Foundation or Senkwekwe Centre means a lot as it helps to ensure that gorilla population remain high and that they are well protected. Your donations or sponsoring individual gorillas helps ensure that these apes get the best care they deserve.

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