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Visiting Ssezibwa Falls in Uganda – Best time to visit, where to stay at Ssezibwa and how to get there

Ssezibwa Falls is a perfect stop point for travelers using the Eastern route (Eastern Circuit), especially those interested in learning about the history and local customs of Baganda (of Central Uganda).

Location of Ssezibwa Falls in Uganda

Ssezibwa Falls in UgandaSsezibwa Falls are situated at approximately 21.7 miles East of Kampala City, within Mukono district. This magnificent site is said to have existed for several centuries and considered one of the most outstanding spiritual and cultural spot where locals from surrounding villages perform rituals for blessings, good fortune and riches. Besides its breathtaking scenery, the site also features a nice Campsite for overnight stays and Picnic site.


During your visit to the falls, you will meet the traditional healer who performs different rituals and ceremonies for persons seeking healing from different sicknesses, blessings for children (especially twins), successful business deals and riches, good fortunes and many others. Different items are brought especially local brew, food stuff and many others as offerings to the gods.

Appearance and Formation of Ssezibwa falls in Uganda

The Ssezibwa falls are set within the Ssezibwa River that drains from the lush wetlands found between Lake Kyoga and Lake Victoria. In terms of physical appearance, the falls are approximately 17 meters high and are characterized by quiet hissing sound formed by the falling water and creating a breathtaking backdrop for photography. The falls strongly plunge through huge rocks before falling 17 meters high into a large Plunge pool of about 13 meters deep and surrounded by verdant natural vegetation cover as well as big, rugged and steep Rocks over which the water drops. Visitors can get the chance to swim in the deep waters. There are also several monkeys, forest birds and butterflies within the area.

Culturally, the waterfalls are surrounded by cultural myths and it is believed that Ssezibwa River alongside another River known as Bwanda were born of a woman while on her way to an area known as “Kavuma Bukunja”  hence making it an important cultural site for the Baganda people and Uganda in general.

The falls are not just known for their spectacular scenery and cultural significance but popular birding spot with close to 200 birds species recorded within the area. The notable species are sunbirds, African finfoot, Mourning Doves, African Pied Wagtail, yellow-fronted canary, Dark-capped Bulbul, Ross Turaco, Res-chested sunbirds, Superb sunbirds, Striped kingfishers, Fan-tailed widow birds, Grey-headed Negrofinch, Green Crombec, Little Greenbul, Red-bellied Paradise Flycatcher, Mouse birds, Long-tailed Cormorant, African Harrier Hawks and many others. Majority of these birds are spotted during the early morning guided walk alongside a local guide. Outstanding tree species at the site include the “wild olive tree”, reportedly planted by Kabaka (King) Mwanga in 1889.

Tourist Activities around Ssezibwa falls in Uganda

Guided Forest Walk

The Guided Forest walk around Ssezibwa falls lasts between 2-3 hours but offers chances of learning about the numerous tree species in the surrounding area as well as their values.

Butterfly watching at Ssezibwa Falls

With more than 20 species of butterflies recorded within Ssezibwa falls, butterfly viewing is obviously one of the most popular activities conducted in the area.

Bird watching Ssezibwa Falls in Uganda

Ssezibwa falls and surrounding areas are excellent birding spot with over 200 bird species hence making birding one of the must-do activities. Expect to see long-tailed cormorants, African finfoot, African harrier hawks, mouse birds and many others.

Camping and picnics

Secluded and lush Campsites close to Ssezibwa waterfalls are available for visitors interested in getting up-close with Mother Nature. The sound of the waterfalls and singing birds are your expectations for the overnight camping here.

Adventurous climbs to the top of the falls

The Adventurous travellers have an option of climbing to the top of Ssezibwa falls to clearly watch the water drop down the bridge.

Other rare but exciting adventures to undertake during your visits of Ssezibwa falls include Mountain biking and Boat rides along the spectacular Ssezibwa River.

Accommodation facilities near Ssezibwa falls

The exquisite Ssezibwa falls Resort is the main accommodation facility near this magnificent tourist site and is about 45 minutes’ drive from the Capital, along the Kampala-Jinja highway.

How to get to Ssezibwa falls in Uganda

The waterfalls are found in Mukono district, 21 miles from the Capital and the best way to get there is by road. On getting to Kayanja Trading Center, visitors are advised to take a right turn to the murram road then continue driving for another 1.5 kilometers before being ushered to the waterfalls site.

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